"Southern Oregon's finest wines."

One of Southern Oregon's newest wineries, but far from new to the Oregon wine industry combining over 60 years of experience in Oregon's viticulture, oenology and marketing.  Season Cellars is owned and operated solely by Scott IV and Jennifer Henry, embarking on a new project and direction, delving into Southern Oregon's vast array of grape varieties and searching for answers to some of our years old questions... Can we acquire immaculate fruit from the very best growers in Southern Oregon and with minimalistic wine-making and careful use of oak, coax the distinctive terroir of those sites into unique styles of wines?  Season Cellars owns no vineyards and relies on our great relationships with the wonderful people who grow these fabulous grapes in the Umpqua, Rogue and Applegate Valleys. We invite you to join us in our quest and experience the best we have to offer from  Southern Oregon!